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The Seniors Stop



Elder Abuse is worldwide! Like many other social problems it is not talked about and there for goes mostly unchecked! Everyone needs to do there part! If you know of any kind of abuse it needs to be reported! There are many types of abuse, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, abandonment, these are all abuse! This is were you can learn more about abuse and get help if you are being abused or if you know of someone that is being abused!

Caregivers & Caregiving

There are many great websites and resources for caregiving.  This is were sons, daughters, seniors and caregivers can get the information they are looking for! Many great resources!


Searching for financial assistance can be a tedious job! Here you will find many resources that help with repairs,  bills, food and meals and more! If you are looking for assistance or know someone looking for assistance have a look here.


Seniors and caregivers can now find information for themselves! Here you will find drug and prescription dictionaries, medical journals, health and age related websites and much more! This is an ever growing resource of senior related health information!


Senior related law resources!


Here Seniors can find many FREE public libraries for their enjoyment. A wide range of categories to suit your interest!


This is were you will find many great senior related websites that do not fit into any other category. Either these websites were recommended by visitors or I thought they would be appreciated and useful to the seniors that visit 'The Senior Stop' regularily!