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Health & Health Related Resources for Seniors

AARP's database includes descriptions of major or unique libraries, clearinghouses, databases, directories, bibliographies and Web metasites around the world that focus on aging or closely allied subjects. Topics covered range from Alzheimer's disease to wills and estate planning.

Recent age related articles on the biological implications of aging.

Looking for information about allergies? A wealth of information can be found here, Types of Allergens, Drug Allergies, Asthma, Pollen count, Immunotherapy, Immune systems and more. A very informative site!

Find up to date news articles, research, and treatment information. A great site for patients and caregivers!

Behind every person with Alzheimer's disease, there are hundreds of people dedicated to helping. The Alzheimer Society is the leading not-for-profit health organization working nationwide to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by Alzheimer's disease and advance the search for the cause and cure. We are located in every province across Canada and in over 140 local communities.

The Arthritis Society is Canada's only not-for-profit organization devoted solely to funding and promoting arthritis research, programs and patient care. It has a national administrative office in Toronto, division offices in each province and nearly 1,000 community branches throughout Canada

We are a national, community-based organization of volunteers, whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Established over 50 years ago, the Canadian Diabetes Association is a charitable organization that has grown to include a presence in more than 150 communities across the country. The Canadian Diabetes Association promotes the health of Canadians through diabetes research, education, service and advocacy.

With more than 17,000 English and French resource pages, this national health information service provides trustworthy articles and links on staying healthy and preventing injury and disease. Contributors include the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, non-profit organizations, universities, hospitals, libraries and community organizations. There's even a checklist to help you determine the quality of a health-information website.

Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people should have equal and equitable access to all aspects of life including employment, education, recreation, housing, health care and social services. Similarly, CHS services should be accessible to the multicultural community it serves. CHS is committed to promoting the rights of deaf.

Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

This website provides information to raise awareness of key issues around abuse and neglect in later life and to assure older adults are treated as full citizens in Canadian society.

The Canadian Virtual Hospice is an online community where you can find answers to your questions or share your experiences with serious illness or grief. Just like a hospice, the Canadian Virtual Hospice provides information and support for physical, emotional and spiritual concerns related to death and dying.

A worldwide organization by and for those diagnosed with dementia, working together to improve quality of life. A very informative site!

DementiaGuide.ca is a website to help people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers recognize, understand, record and monitor their symptoms through an interactive tool. For more information on this tool including subscriber cost, please visit the site.

This government department's website includes news, events, publications, grants, links and information on seniors and disability. Website maintained by: Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care.


Check potential interactions between two or more drugs, find out if your drugs are safe! You must remember though, not all drug interactions are known or reported in the literature, and new drug interactions are continually being reported. This information is provided only for your education and for you to discuss with your personal healthcare provider. But I must say that I always use this great resource.

ElderCare Online is a beacon for people caring for aging loved ones. Whether you are caring for a spouse, parent, relative or neighbor, this site provides an online community where supportive peers and professionals help you improve quality of life for yourself and your elder. Includes chats for caregivers.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

A committed and powerful health advocate, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada  has a long and successful history of working with government, health care professionals, other voluntary organizations, and industry to bring about public policy change to improve the health of Canadians.

The Foundation is Canada's only health charity dedicated solely to helping people maintain and regain their bone and joint or orthopaedic health. We do this by raising and allocating funds for the research, education and care that help Canadians to live and move independently.

A Canadian site to help caregivers manage the realities of caring for an aging parent, a chronically ill spouse or friend, and themselves.

The McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies (MCGS) provides leadership in education, research and practice in the field of aging. 

Medical dictionary MedicineNet

MedicineNet.com is an online, healthcare media publishing company. It provides easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information for consumers via its robust, user-friendly, interactive web site.

MedicineNet.com is an online, healthcare media publishing company. It provides easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information for consumers via its robust, user-friendly, interactive web site. An excellent resource!

Information on the challenges facing seniors with osteoporosis and how to deal with them. Including details on diagnosis, lifestyle changes, drug therapies and more.

An excellent resource for all issues related to Parkinson disease.

A  site where persons with disabilities, their family members, caregivers and service providers can access a full range of information on disability-related programs and services in Canada.

Scleroderma is a chronic, often progressive, autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks its own body. The disease, which literally means "hard skin," can cause a thickening and tightening of the skin. In some cases it causes serious damage to internal organs including the lungs, heart, kidneys, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Some medicines and treatments can help with certain symptoms, but there is still no cure for scleroderma, which affects about 300,000 nationwide. About 75 percent of people living with scleroderma are women, with the majority of those between 25-55 years old.

A national health care organization and a federally registered charity that has been caring for the lives and well being of Canadians in their homes and local communities since 1897.