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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas.



'Flipper', but this site would not be possible without all the help I have had from all of my faithful cyberfriends!

Do you have comments or questions on my pages? Please get in touch!

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The Flipping Canadian Program

Helping and being kind to others!

That is what this site is all about!

 You've just been tagged! Now You're IT! Pass it on! Anonymous acts of Kindness! Thats the name of the game!

This site is another free service by myself, Flipper, all I ask in return is to pass it on!

Return the kindness to someone else please and ask them to do the same!

It is my belief that one person CAN change the world!

So let's everybody one person at a time change the world!

 Join the cause!

Thank You!