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Teacher's Freebies

Provides lesson plans and guides to go along with many of its programs. These lessons include discussion questions, vocabulary and more. A Wide range of topics.(Grades 6-12)  (International)

Educators may complete this form to receive a free one-year subscription to the award-winning quarterly magazine Animal Times. It is packed with the latest animal rights news, info on animal-friendly celebrities, delicious vegetarian recipes, and easy tips on how to stop animal suffering in your own community. (International)

The Idea Book for Educators is the biannual teacher's magazine created by the Education Department at A&E Television Networks. The Idea Book includes Teacher's Guides for programs featured in Classroom and a printed version of the A&E Classroom Calendar, which features air dates, program descriptions, and copyright information. FREE to teachers who request it! (International)

The national office of Cable in the Classroom was established in 1995. The objective was to provide a free service to teachers to access copyright-cleared, commercial-free educational video content to enrich the Canadian educational system. (Canada/National)

Provides Canadian schools and libraries with refurbished computers and software donated by government and private business sources. This ensures equal participation of our children in the technologies of tomorrow. (Canada/National)

This resource encourages students to examine their own beliefs regarding the need for change in our world and their personal responsibility in taking action. The preconditions necessary for a culture of peace are explored through the examination of global issues in sustainable development, economic disparity, fair trade, human rights and consumerism. Students are given opportunities to explore the range of actions possible, the ways in which change occurs, the barriers to participation and the factors that support youth involvement. The resource includes a teacher’s guide, a video, a poster series and a student guide to action. It is designed for use in grades 10–12. (International)

Teacher's guide for Don't Laugh at Me program to promote respect for each other. Can order free teacher's guide or download from their website. You can also order a free video and CD. An excellent supplement to anti-bullying and character education programs. (International)

Acid Rain and Water for the 21st Century posters, freshwater facts, as well as many other teacher guides. (Canada/National)

Help your intermediate students take the first step in developing the lifeskills to set and achieve their goals. This free resource focuses on problem solving using real-life situations and easy to implement worksheets. Each kit contains a 45 page teacher's guide and 35 posters for your students. (Canada/National)

Thousands of schools use Gaggle Network to provide safe, teacher controlled email accounts for students. It has a free program, paid for by advertising. A great freebie for teachers! (International)

Free online grade book and course management system for any teacher, school, district or system is welcome, this system streamlines and enhances communication between teachers and parents! A great resource! (International)

The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book is packed full of information on the Great Lakes region. Topics covered include geology, hydrology, history, climate, and lake processes. The human impact on the ecosystem is discussed in detail and includes land use and industry, toxic chemicals, and protection and restoration efforts.The book is written in easily understandable language, contains fact sheets, photographs, and many colourful and detailed maps and graphics. (Canada/National)

J8 is an education Program and Competition that gives young people the opportunity to debate global issues and take their solutions to world leaders at the G8 summit. The website provides free downloadable resources for teachers on issues from climate change to infectious diseases. (International)

Free Life of the Forest educational kit. Posters, teachers guides, booklets. 2 - 3 weeks delivery. (Canada/National)

Host a veteran visitor, use free curriculum-based video, print, and online resources. The Memory Project is the Dominion Institute’s flagship educational programme, designed to connect veterans and students online and in classrooms across the country. The Memory Project Speakers’ Bureau includes 1,500 veteran volunteers from across Canada visiting classrooms and community groups to share their stories with youth. The veterans in The Memory Project represent a wide range of conflicts, including World War I, World War II, Korean War, Peacekeeping Operations and Canadian Forces experiences. (Canada/National)

The free teacher's guide and video, Places in Time, are available to help students understand how nationally significant places, people, and events interacted to create the story of Canada's past.Based on the history curricula taught in grades 5 to 11 across Canada. (Canada/National)

Free subscription to Grrr!, PETA's magazine for kids. Get the 411 on animal-friendly musicians, actors, and sports stars, real stories of kids helping animals. Raising issues about animal cruelity. (International)

A free educational program designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world. In the activities that form the heart of this program, your students will use their thinking and writing skills to imagine the feelings and consider the incredible abilities of other animals, examine how our relationships with them have changed through history, discover alternatives to their use, and respond to situations in which their well-being is threatened.This program is designed for use by students in grades 3-5 in the language arts, science, social studies, and humane education curricula. (International)

Get a free one-year subscription to the award-winning magazine Animal Times. It is packed with the latest animal rights news, info on animal-friendly celebrities, delicious vegetarian recipes, and easy tips on how to stop animal suffering in your own community. Plus many free teaching materials! Great free teaching resource! (International)


This is a great resource for teachers, it has many different interests for teachers and homeschoolers, one which is freebies, with over 800 freebies for Canadian teachers, in many different categories, a must for all teachers. You just need to visit once and you will know what a huge resourse this is! GREAT SITE! (Canada/National)

If you're looking for supplemental classroom resources, you've come to the right place. Teachers of kindergarten through high school, as well as non-formal educators, will find an abundance of learning opportunities, from music to multimedia to scientific surveys, that motivate student participation. (Canada/National)