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People's Page

Your source for the net's most indepth biographies on Canadian Classic Rock, complete discographies with jackets, independent artists, lyrics, midis, links,
online polls, free downloads, interviews & reviews, and more.

Canadian Heroes....

A great selection of Canadian heroes....too many great people to mention...Terry Fox, war heroes, woman, medicine and much must have a look...great site!!

Dictionary Of Canadian Biographies Online

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to explore the history of Canada's inhabitants and their culture.

A celebration of Canada's rich musical history! An excellent site for anyone interested about Canadian music!

Heroes of Lore and Yore: Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction

Heroes are admired for outstanding achievements and noble qualities. Since the qualities we admire mirror the forces and values that characterize society at a particular time, an examination of Canada's heroes can lead to a better understanding of the history, attitudes, and forces that have shaped this country.

Well Known or famous Canadians

Actors, Actresses, Artists, Astronauts, Athletes, Authors, Comedians, Directors, Journalists, Musicians, Scientists, etc..